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Racine County Fire Chiefs Association

Today is Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The Racine County Fire Chiefs Association consists of 12 fire departments in Racine County Wisconsin. Those departments include the City of Burlington, Town of Burlington, Caledonia, Kansasville, Racine, Raymond, Rochester, South Shore, Tichigan, Union Grove, Waterford, and Wind Lake. Associate members includes the Burlington Area Rescue Squad, the Racine Fire Bells, Racine County Emergency Management, Gateway Technical College and the Racine County Sheriffs Office. All together these fire departments represent over 300 career and volunteer fire fighters and EMT's in the county. We protect a population base of approximately 195,000 citizens in about 333.1 square miles of land with 21 inland lakes covering 6.12 miles.



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2019 Meeting Locations
Third Wednesday of the Month

January - Raymond

February- Rochester

March - South Shore

April - Tichigan Station 1

May - Union Grove

June - Waterford Station 2

July - Wind Lake Station 1

August - City of Burlington

September - Town of Burlington Sta 3

October - Caledonia

November - GTC Hero Center
Joint Meeting with Kenosha County

December - Annual Joint RCFCA-Firebells Christmas Party

January 2020 - Kansasville

February 2020 - Racine Station 1

March 2020 - Raymond

April 2020 - Rochester

May 2020 - South Shore

June 2020 - Tichigan Station 1

July 2020 - Union Grove

August 2020 - Waterford Sta 2

September 2020 - Wind Lake Sta 1

October 2020 - City of Burlington

November 2020 - GTC Hero Center
Joint Meeting with Kenosha County

December 2020 - Annual Joint RCFCA-Firebells Christmas Party

Monthly Meetings


Racine County Fair 2019 Schedule

Wednesday July 26th  
0800-1400 Tichigan
1200-1800 Burlington Rescue
1600-2200 Raymond
Thursday July 27th  
0800-1400 Kansasville
1200-1800 Racine
1600-2200 Waterford
Friday July 28th  
0800-1400 South Shore
1200-1800 Caledonia
1600-2200 City of Burlington
Saturday July 29th  
0800-1400 Wind Lake
1200-1800 Rochester
1600-2200 Tichigan
Sunday July 30th  
0800-1400 Raymond
1200-1800 Union Grove
1600-2200 Kansasville
Wednesday 1830 hrs - Tractor Pull/Combine Demo Derby - Tichigan  
Friday 1800 hrs - Truck and Tractor Pull - Wind Lake  
Sunday 1400 hrs - Demo Derby - Rochester  
Sunday - Demo Derby Rescue Squad - Tichigan  
Sunday 1800 hrs - Demo Derby - Town of Burlington  
Updated - 01/01/2019 - Email  
Racine County Fair


2019 RCFCA Officers

President - Chief Alan Babe - City of Burlington

Immediate Past President - Chief Scott Remer - Kansasville

Secretary - Chief Robert Stedman

Treasurer - Chief Richard Roeder

MABAS Division 102 President - Chief Scott Remer

RCFCA Officers


by Tim Stein


Fire Department Web Sites

City of Burlington  Chief Alan Babe
Town of Burlington  Chief (open)
Caledonia  Chief Richard Roeder
Kansasville  Chief Scott Remer
South Shore (Mt Pleasant)  Chief Robert Stedman
Racine  Chief Steve Hansen
Raymond  Chief Adam Smith
Rochester  Chief Jack Biermann
Tichigan  Chief Dave Wagner
Union Grove  Chief Tom Czerniak
Waterford  Chief Rick Mueller
Wind Lake  Chief (open)
Burlington Rescue  Captain Brian Zwiebel
Racine Fire Bells Rehab  President Scott Tangerstrom
Racine County Sheriffs Office  Sheriff Christopher Schmaling
Fire Dept Websites
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RCFCA Bylaws


Ready Racine (RCOEM)


2019 Upcoming Calendar of Events

Upcoming Calendar of Events


Racine Community Foundation donation funds UTV for Racine FD

This fall the Racine Community Foundation (RCF) graciously provided financial support to the Racine Fire Department for the purchase of a Utility All Terrain Vehicle (UTV) to be used for special events where access by conventional fire apparatus or rescue squads is difficult and challenging. The all wheel drive UTV will be capable of traversing rough, soft and uneven terrain and will be capable of transporting injured patients to a staging area for transport by rescue squad. The UTV is in the process of being ordered and outfitted with warning lights, two way radios and compartments for emergency equipment. Our deepest and sincere appreciation to the Racine Community Foundation for their support in this life saving initiative. RAFD contact for the UTV project is Lieutenant Mike DeGarmo.

What else do we do in addition to fighting fires and responding for Emergency Medical Service calls ...

Fire Investigation Task Force

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The Racine County Fire Investigation Task Force was started in November of 1980 just prior to the Tasters Choice restaurant fire which left two Racine Fire Fighters dead. The goal of the Task Force was to reduce incendary fires throughout the area by way of intense training, and cooperation between Fire, Police, Sheriff, and State Officials. Today the team has evolved to the Racine County Fire Investigation Task Force and is highly trained, and skilled at their job. The Task Force is available to any agency requesting assistance in determining the origin and cause of any fire.

Racine County Water Rescue/Dive Team

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The Racine County Water Rescue Team was formed in 2005 and consists of Rescue Divers from Racine County Fire and Sheriff's Department. The team has over 30 highly trained individuals capable of responding on a moment's notice to any water related emergency in the area. Dive Team members carry pagers for rapid notification, and response. Equipped with inflatable boats, and several equipment trucks these rescue divers can be in the water within minutes of notification. Currently divers from RCSD, Racine Fire, South Shore Fire, Mt Pleasant PD, Union Grove Fire, T/Burlington Fire, Tichigan Fire, and Wind Lake Fire participate.

Fire Service Training

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Member fire departments periodically do live fire training in buildings which are scheduled to be demolished in Racine County. After normal hazards are removed, the buildings allow fire fighters to practice and hone their skills at suppressing fire, and escaping from a multitude of entrapment situations. The buildings also allow fire fighters to practice critical rescue skills under adverse, but controlled situations. Got a building? Let us know !

Technical Rescue Training

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Many fire departments are involved in various forms of Technical Rescue. Technical Rescue includes structural collapse rescue, confined space rescue, high and low angle rope rescue, and tactical emergency medical services!

Fire Prevention and Education

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The Racine County Fire Chiefs foster Fire Prevention and Education programs through cooperative efforts of the Chiefs and various departments. Annual Fire Prevention programs include the bulk purchase of Fire Prevention materials at a reduced cost, and the distribution of appropriate learning tools. Our goal to reach out to kids, and kids at heart with tips and tricks on being fire safe in your home and work environment. PROJECT SAFE provides smoke detectors to folks who do not have the resources to acquire those life saving devices on their own.

What is MABAS - Mutual Aid Box Alarm System

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Mutual Aid Box Alarm System - Simply put, neighboring fire departments helping other fire departments in their time of need. MABAS does this through the use of a standardized Mutual Aid agreement as opposed to many, separate agreements. MABAS also strongly supports structured Alarm Running Cards to pre-plan an appropriate response to a stricken community or fire department. MABAS is an intermediate and long term response to emergencies as it takes time to mobilize fire and rescue companies to a stricken community. MABAS does not help a fire department with the initial response or for the first 30 minutes or so of a working fire where most life safety rescues occur. MABAS WI Website

Tuesday, July 14, 2020 - Racine County Fire Chiefs Association (RCFCA)